ANSTAC As a Graphite Supplier

Hugely sought after by various industrial estates worldwide to the Philippines. Possess unique characteristics; be in the form of non-metallic mineral elements that can conduct electricity, have heat resistance, have self-lubricants, and are resistant to corrosion and thermal shock. Therefore, Graphite material widely applies to bearings, gears, and other structural parts.

Graphite Manufacturing With ANSTAC Are:

OEM / ODM For Graphite Part Designing

More than 70% of our graphite products supplying are machined by professional technicians, able to give total solutions and produce various kinds of gears and bearings customized by clients ranging from easy to the most intricate design.

Up To 3 Microns & Higher In Accuracy

Our production team constantly controls the structural precision stability of the manufactured graphite with an accuracy of up to 3-micron total indicator runout  (TIR), which results in a quality product that functions as it should.

Highest Purity Carbon Graphite Grade To Other Variations Availability

As a graphite supplier — ANSTAC provides and advises for more than 30 graded of graphites suitable for the business requirement and is capable of optimal production; guaranteed quality and testing.


A Graphite Supplier With High-Quality Preliminary Assurance Reporting

With the thoroughness of the internal quality assurance team, ANSTAC will always prepare an initial quality assurance reporting with a sample to corporate clients. Businesses can confirm the standards of graphite quality by reviewing and assessing the end product with their design specifications to determine if it has been what was requested.

Graphite Items Are Suitable For Dry And Wet Running Conditions

Pure carbon material that crystallizes into Graphite minerals has good chemical stability. Therefore, graphite is suitable to be the main element in the application of products used in a wet or dry proceeding; This is because graphite is not reactive by chemicals in its environment.

Seeing ANSTAC As A Graphite Supplier's Catalogue

Graphite Usage For Cost-Consicous, Low Maintenance Turnover

Graphite supplies have low weight to allow easier handling and/or adjusting of its carbon products, followed by strong covalent bonding for chemical stability that helps to prevent unnecessary reactions and altogether lower maintanence.

Low Wear And Tear Rate

For the mass of graphene structures to be low, graphite products aid by grinding less heavily against different chemical components than its metallic counterpart.

Lesser Downtime, Higher Industrial Production Of Goods

Good graphite lubricant and lower weight offers efficient and lesser maintenance, where great handling of carbon items also allows for a long shelf-life when applied wisely.

When Heat Is Applied To Graphite, ANSTAC's Products Strengthen

As a graphite supplier, Anstac knows unique properties of this carbon product: it can withstand events that experience rapid and/or consistently rising temperature changes in an extended operation time. In fact, graphite will not experience brittleness and instead becomes stronger as heat is applied.

When Comparing ANSTAC's Graphite Solutions

We know all about the characteristic of what we manufacture – as a graphite supplier. With that in mind, this is a tabulated insight comparing graphite against plastic, as well as copper metal.

Plastic Graphite Metal
Lightweight Mass
High-Pressure Heat
Thermal Shock Resistance
Low Maintenance
Only Certified Engineers In Manufacturing ANSTAC's Graphite Supplies
Bearings, gears and other structural parts supplied by ANSTAC; Carbon products' quality has been guaranteed. Because ANSTAC is a leading graphite supplier, they recruit educated, professional, skilled and trusted technicians - So that, no matter how intricate the blueprint given by the customer is, our engineers can complete it according to the requirements and always give satisfactory results.
CNC Machined To Highly Complex, Satisfy Mass Carbon-based Merchandise Production

ANSTAC as a supplier produces graphite products and is traded internationally on a large scale. Hence, to manufacture complex parts within large quantities, ANSTAC has a CNC machining facility that helps in production via a computer system. Models of graphite work can be in 2D, 2.5D, and also 3D.

See Carbon Bearings & Gears
Speak With Our Veterans Of The Graphite Industry
To find out more about our products, or want to do a consultation to inquire about the type of graphite that is suitable and according to your industry. Do not hesitate to contact us, as a specialist graphite supplier will surely provide the best solution for our customers.

ANSTAC's Graphite Product Supplies Being Seen In Numerous Industries

We strive to be an all-in-one solutions, just as this graphite distributor have been asked to service various different sectors.

Glass, Plastic, Ceramics

Glass-ceramic and plastic manufacturing is a factory that produces various types of glass, ceramics, and plastics. The mass production process requires hot-temperature handling equipment, moulds for ceramics, and many more using the help of graphite products which have unique characteristics that can withstand heat.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering studies that designs, analyzes, manufactures, and maintains machines. To implement, all technicians need materials that can last for a long time, are not easily brittle, and can be applied in both dry and wet processes; therefore, graphite material is the solution.


Factories that produce and study metal and its applications; In the production process, the metal industry needs assistance from materials such as graphite in the metal-making process which can withstand hot temperatures.

ESD & Cleanroom

ESD tools and cleanrooms are highly hygienic equipment and place; therefore, they are tasked with controlling the environment in which a product manufacturing. Graphite is the right choice because the material is far from using chemical substances to lubricate.


Materials made of crystalline solids which can conduct electricity between conductors and insulators are called semiconductors. Hence, in the production process, a graphite component is needed in its manufacture because it has conductivity properties.


Industries that produce this refractory material can be made with the help of graphite components to withstand decomposition and stress from heat. Moreover, maintain their strength and shape at high temperatures.


In the packaging of a product, it is necessary to use materials that are far from chemicals to maintain the hygiene of the goods graphite is one solution that can use as an ingredient in packaging; Because it has no additional chemicals in the use of this graphite product.

High-Temperature Applications

In factories with industrial processes where goods or products must successfully pass through stages of high-temperature pressure, many companies are looking for graphite materials to handle the heat — graphite is the solution because of its heat-resistant characteristics.

Stats Of ANSTAC's As A Graphite Supplier

Units annually on average
Long standing customers have been served by ANSTAC
Drawings have been done
0 % / 3,000
Out of 4,000 drawings are super precision
0 %
Of ANSTAC's clients have converted from copper to graphite

Graphite Usage Testimonials

Sustainable Practices With This Graphite Supplier

As a graphite supplier in the Philippines, ANSTAC always gives total customer satisfaction by providing consistency in product quality and suitability of functions. Furthermore, this carbon distributor also implements a production process that does not damage and maintains the physical environment around it; that guarantees the process does not harm other parties.

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What is graphite actually?
Graphite is a naturally occurring crystal of pure carbon that becomes the most stable carbon under standard conditions. Hence, graphite is also called carbon. This element consists of layers of graphene stacked, so it has a greyish-black colour, also known as lead black; to look for graphite can be found in metamorphic rocks (slate, phyllite, schist, gneiss).
Why should we choose graphite material?
Graphite consists of carbon atoms that are self-lubricating, so there will be no friction in machine applications, and because of the delocalization of the inter-surface electrons, graphite has a good conductor of electricity. Moreover, it has resistance in hot temperatures and will not easily rust if there occurs a chemical reaction around the material, have excellent thermal conductivity and others. Therefore, graphite is the right choice of materials that can use in a range of industries, also can be used for the long term, have efficient and cost-effective.
Is graphite flammable?
Graphite is a flammable material because a mixture of graphite powder with air can cause an explosion if exposed to a spark. This fire will react more violently with vigorous oxidizing agents, such as Fluorine, Chlorine Dioxide, and Potassium Peroxide. However, if there is a large amount of graphite, it will not easily cause a burn.
What can carbon / graphite be used for?
As a material consisting of pure carbon atoms along a unique characteristic, Graphite can utilize as a lubricant, and becomes the main ingredient in the manufacture of structural parts that can handle heat, are corrosion-resistant, good conductors, and others.Graphite products are advantageous in applications in any area, such as Automobile, Home Appliances, Oil and Gas Industry, Industrial Machinery, Equipment, Electrical Industry, Thermal Industry, Glass Solution Handling and other speciality materials for difficult applications.
Besides graphite and carbon, does Anstac offer other types of materials?
As a supplier of graphite products, ANSTAC Sdn. Bhd. only distributes goods from graphite base material because in 2004 ANSTAC decided to focus more on the graphite & carbon industry; So ANSTAC is known as a graphite specialist.

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ANSTAC is a trading and manufacturing company for carbon and graphite products with its headquarters based in MALAYSIA and a branch in THAILAND 

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